Super Raven’s Dojo– It’s slogan “The BEST action comedy webcomic!” Sure isn’t lying.
Order of the stick– stick figures and DND
Bittersweet candybowl– teen cats fucking and causing drama for themselves
Clique refresh– a webcomic about a lonely girl who likes to play video games with her friends
El goonish Shive– A comic That’s crappy at first, but gets better later on, the kids are heroes and sometimes fight evil, or deal with there lives.
Jello and Pup-Pretty artsy webcomic, as of writing this, there isn’t much to comment on, but it’s like Undertale meets Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Also it’s my brother’s webcomic, so you pretty much have to read it or else he will cry like the baby he is.
Camp Comic– obvious inspiration of my art, it’s cute and dare I say… campy.