This is going slow. It’s around 12 pages. I hope I can finish by Christmas.
Another season of South Park just ended, and I am sighing my sigh of relief that they did not decide to to an episode about the War on Christmas this season, since I’m stuck with this story pretty much all month, due to the slowness of independent comic creation, and I don’t want to be told I’m imitating something much bigger than me.
Not that I have anything against South Park. It’s just that when you decide, as I so often do, to be topical, chances are they’re going to have done something much better by the time you’re a couple pages in.
FUN FACT FOR BABIEZ: The last two panels of this comic are glued on, because the original drawing did not convey the joke as well, and was drawn pretty badly… I mean comparitively, since I pretty much draw like a super-ambitious third grader.

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