Hey all. Updates are going to be pretty slow right now. As you might know, I’m in the middle of redrawing a lot of the old comics, and I started on the jail story about a month ago. It’s the longest story, so I want to focus on that until it’s done.
I expect this redrawing project to be totally done this year.

I’ve also got all of the print issues in stock now, so if you want to buy those, go ahead and click the store link up on the header.

Here’s some links in the meantime.

On tapastic, I have the newest stuff on one page, and the classic redraws on another. If you follow the classic one, that’s probably the best way to see when these redraw ones are finished (I’ll upload them here, but in place of the originals, so they won’t show up as new pages)

Here’s my twitter if you want to see how annoying I am.
Remove the elipses, I put it there so the feed wouldn’t pop up here.

Here’s the Facebook page, another good place to keep track of updates.

Here’s my patreon if you want to support the page financially. There’s art rewards for certain tiers, too. There’s also a discord invitation at all levels to the discord for my comic host, freakanimes.
Keep in mind that it’s a pretty unmoderated, unfiltered place, so you might want to avoid it if that seems like it will be problematic for you.

Thanks for being around, reading all this garbage.