Hello readers – today marks one month since page 12 was published, which means page 13 is past due, though I’m trying my best to complete it! Thank you for your patience.
At the same time, I’m trying my best to improve the site, such as improving pages and coming up with a proper logo.

While working on page 13, I have thought about how people would feel about reading this comic and what they’d think of it – and I just wanted to discuss how I felt about it myself.
Where did the series originate? While in 2nd grade I made some comics called The Masked Katz, where I wrote strips based on a character I had made in an online game I played back then called Toontown Online because I was inspired by a series of books called Captain Underpants. As of this post, it has been 8 years since I created Katz as a character, with several other characters or ‘OCs” being made up since then. The new, current The Masked Katz is what I originally wanted to make when I was 8 years old but now includes my other characters – I aim for it to be a sort of origin story for all of them while also giving them a purpose to exist, and I want the story to be as goofy or serious as it may get.
Do I plan for it to get big? I’m not very sure, the reason why I brought the comic back is not to only try and achieve my original dream of having some sort of following, but I also just like seeing it as a small passion project to keep myself motivated to keep doing art on a schedule. For the time being I plan to be pretty chill when it comes to the comic, I want to work on it whenever I want to and I want to take care of stuff like school, friends, holidays, etc. first before I work on a page.

Thank you guys for reading, I guess I just wanted to make this more clear for the time being! (For more info, check out http://freakanimes.com/themaskedkatz/about-comic/) – I look future to the future of TMK!