If you don’t feel like reading 600 pages of my older art, you can read this fairly simple recap here: http://freakanimes.com/westtree/?comic=west-tree-recap

I had one on an old site before for a year but i moved on to this one.

This first chapter is all terrible, i know the art does get better, i mean, you can go ahead a bit and see how much ive progressed. Or maybe your here from the most recent page and pressed the first button. Dont you want to see how the comic’s evolution leading up to that? Dont you want to see it go from zero to hero? Well i would.

I mean hey, not all comics are great at first, like, El Goonish Shive or bittersweet candybowl was shit for YEARS before it started getting good, mainly its because i have a high shit tolerance for comics and stuff like that.

Or maybe i made a prolouge and you guys just got here. If you did get here from the prolouge that i have not made at this current time, then i am sorry but you will just have to pull through with this. But hey! At least you got to see how cool this comic is gonna be and it wont be terrible forever!

But yeah, im gonna make more in depth commentaries because ive realized that i probably wont be able to make books out of this comic, so everything i would say in the books ill say here!

But if you dont see commentaries on other pages yet, its probably because im lazy and im certianly not gonna do all of them at once.

Lastly, this comic DOES have hover text (extra funny text you can see when you have your mouse on top of the page, not clicking it) but its only on select pages because i can only be so funny, but not all the time.