This comic was actually made because i thought of this because of a question on the West Tree ask blog.

Ill put a link up to that in the contact section if you havent seen that blog yet.

Also, i think i was a Little bit inspired by skull boy when i made this, mainly for annabeth’s face, i think its like, a renfrence to that one character Crazy Kid. And i cant blame the author for drawing him so much, girlish boys are cute as fuck and fun to draw. Why do you guys think i like to draw annabeth so much?
Anyways, ill put a link to that comic In the Cool (er) comics! Section.

Also, ive been adding some commentary on some of the older comics, digging deeper into them and my mind, warning: it does get kinda sad and can be pretty depressing, but most of the time its gonna be me making fun of how shitty the older comics were.

And if your in a future when i have done commentary up to this page, congradulations! You found the page where i decided to start making commentaries! Yaaaay!