Its Sarah! My girlfriends favorite character!

Oh boy! Character introduction! My comic has alot of these kinds of scenes. Did you know all of the people you see here were going to be main characters? Well ill tell you one thing, brenner and slime girl dont become main charcters. I had a name for the slime girl at one point, but i have sense forgotten her name, i think she was an agent? But that crazy brave and heroic role has been taken by annabeth, and i guess i didnt really like her character being so similar to annabeth and cut her out. i wont tell you about her fate yet.

Brenner is fine, he still makes appearences here and there. Basically his role was reduced to minor character.

also this is our first instance of seeing sarah! One of our main characters. At first shes a creepy and cute goth girl, but one of those adjectives will be removed soon.

Also, new readers, lets play a game called ‘sarah’s nose!’ Where we see how big sarah’s nose grows! So far its pretty small.