Woah, someone get this hothead out of here!


Alright, let me explain something right here, you see, this comic was hosted on another site a long time ago called comic fury, and on that site this comic was origionally named ‘zach mann and sd’ but as you can obviously see, that title has obviously changed, but in pannel one it says West tree high school and i guess at some point this was gonna be a high school drama?
Past me probably thought that was a stupid idea and had a slightly less stupid idea where i can make this high school into an academy so that can explain why some kids are 18 and only freshmen.
Also, here we see Annabeth for the first time, and wearing head phones. The plan was to have anna wear headphones all the time, but that was shortly scrapped, i dont even know if she wears them in the next page. Thats why were doing this together, dont worry, daddy is here to hold your hand throught this. And dont be naughty or else daddy is gonna have to slap you with his big meaty penis across your baby soft ass cheeks.