This one is a)wordy and b)preachy. I don’t think it gets this bad again though. The situation (publication of a censored version of Huck Finn) is dated, although the general message still has a place, I think, and that point is let’s stop using modern sensibilities to make the past look innocent.

Anyway, from my original post in 2011:

“This is based on a new version of Huck Finn being released next month which will attempt to make the book more relevant to a modern perspective. I’m not really sure what the point of modernizing the past is, but it’s happening. It’s not replacing anyone’s right to read the original text, but it is being done for the sake of teaching.”

This comic has a few firsts. It showcases Maple’s activist nature, introduces the characters of Aria and Professor Arcanius, takes its point from current events, and barely involves Luna. I was too afraid to abandon the protagonist by comic #5, so she still has a speaking role.