Luna’s twitter feud is actually based on my twitter “feud” (it isn’t a real feud) with a friend’s room mate, who’s doing a comic called Tiny Friends about plushies. My tweet was called out in this…
(my friend’s account, she posts the comics)
I left the nature of Luna’s argument vague, because she wouldn’t have tweeted something like that.

ORIGINALLY this was supposed to be a cute little one page thing to acknowledge the “feud” but then I had the whole idea about Luna believing Toy Story was based on reality and I had to add another three pages to get there.
I dunno if you’d call this a crossover? It’s barely a crossover. Anyway, it’s not in color, because if it gets printed it’ll be in a miscellany volume with odds and ends and other crossover episodes.
Also, that latin is all from google translate, so I don’t know how accurate it is, but I don’t reccomend looking it up and seeing what I think constitutes a waste of three panels.

More redraws coming soon, and I have an idea to get some quick comics out while I work on the redraws (and then issue 4)