It’s the cops!
Based on the 80’s anti-drug ad starring McGruff the Crime dog! Go find and listen to his album, it’s real bad.

So, while I believe what Maple is saying is generally true, and that it’s usually a good idea not to be a jerk if you want people to like you (no shit), I also believe that there exist people without nuanced views about anything. People who will read ill intent into things regardless of context.¬†Things like Luna using the word “retard” here .

Luna is not a role model and never has been.

You are free to tell me that it’s not okay to use the word, but I don’t agree, given the context of the scene. It’s my comic, and I can write it how I want, and you are free to not read it.

All that being said, this is, at least as far as the website is concerned, page 200! If we’re looking at print order instead of posting order, it’s probably one of the Valentine pages.
And since I’m constantly redrawing older stuff, I’m adding all kinds of new pages before both of those. Bye!