The Masked Katz is about a cat boy who has spent his whole life as a super hero with mysterious powers, saving his city from everything bad. Due to his reckless behavior, he has also caused damage to the city in his attempts to stop the bad guys over the years, so the government now restricts him to no longer help them on less he pays off his debt.
His new adventure is him trying to fit in with society – learning how to make friends and money, but also trying to contain himself to stay out of the way of stopping crime.

Will he ever pay off the debt? Will his powers ever be explained? Will he ever get a life? Stay tuned to find out!

Upload Times

I’m going to try my best to get at least 1 or more normal pages a month! (no exact day or time – I may do more than one page some months.)

*This deadline is not guaranteed to always be met but it is the current goal.
*Chapter covers and updates to existing pages do not count towards this deadline.