Aaaannnd, we are back! The new page of the Swaggernauts is up, and I would love to take this time to introduce the newest colorist of the Swaggernauts, Mrs. Tracy Bailey!

Tracy is a wonderful addition to the crew and has done an amazing job with the colors for the comic. I look forward to working with her more, and watching her style flourish within the comic. Everyone that visits, could u all please do me a favor and show her some love!? Steven Lisefski did a GREAT job on the book, but was no longer what we were looking for as to the tone of the book. But we hope to work with him again.

In the meantime, enjoy the newest page of Swaggernauts and enjoy their first quarrel over a cup of Big Bean joe… Thanks so much for your patience, and sticking it out with us!. I look forward to the coming weeks in this book! Talk to you all soon!


Ian Walker