Alright ladies and gentlemen, it has officially been one single month since the release of The Swaggernauts online webcomic, and things are moving a bit slow, but I hope to start moving toward getting a bigger audience in the next few weeks as the story goes on. My amazing colorist Steven Lisefski finished up the colors for the next few pages, so we got another nice buffer going on. I am also in the works on getting more pages inked so that I can send to him to color!

In March, I have a lot on my plate as I am going to start teaching an art class in my local town, and doing the Swaggernauts, while still holding down a day job, I know that I will be a busy man. So maybe like the Swaggernauts, I need to create a plan for myself so that things go flawlessly. Anyways, hope you all enjoy the new page, and please please tell your friends and family and have them check out the comic! Thanks so much!


Ian Walker