So Kristie quits her job, and becomes a homebody. So what is it that we all do on the computer for hours on end? Social media! Kristie doesn’t seem to be immune to it’s hypnotic effects either. Hope you all are enjoying the book so far!

This weekend I am attending a comic book convention called Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose, CA. I will be there on Saturday and Sunday, and while there, I will be promoting The Swaggernauts! So if any of you happen to be there, be sure to stop by my table. I am sitting at Section AA23. Stop over and say hello if you are attending!

I made plenty sure that despite me going to a convention, that I still had a page go up. Nothing is going to be stopping this for a while. We have NINE WEEKS to go before the end of The Swaggernauts first issue is done here online in webcomic format. After the fact, I am going to be looking to get a hold of some fan art and stuff from you all to continue moving with the blog here, and to get everyone ready for October 2013, when the full graphic novel will be completed and released! More information regarding the project will be revealed over the next few weeks, so be sure to stay tuned! Enjoy the comic, and see you next Saturday!