So before we go into next week, I am trying something regarding when I put up pages for this webcomic. I am attempting to get new unique page views, and so I am going to try something the rest of the month by putting up the new pages for the book on Saturday, instead of the usual Friday morning. I am hoping that this move will get more viewers because usually folks are home on Saturdays, and also, gives the sort of subliminal vibe and feel of a Saturday morning cartoon homage. I don’t know, but I hope it works! Tell me what you think of this idea. If it works, then it will stay here on this day. If not, then I will try something different until it sticks.

SO… this week, we get to find out something new about Kristie Swagg, and what happened at her job this week. Kristie is a simple woman, with not a lot of complications. I love this one because it’s a direct play off a conversation I had with one of my real life work mates at my day job, the one Kristie Swagg is based off of. So if you are reading this Kristie, I hope you get a chuckle from this! See you all next week!


Ian W.