Yeah, it’s that time again, and it’s coming quick as the weeks go on. This is the new page for the Swaggernauts, and this week Kristie is interviewing for a new job. Too bad J.J. isn’t with her to get out of this situation!

On a cooler note, I will be going to Big WoW Con this year in San Jose CA in mid May! More specifically, May 18, 19. I will be doing some big promotion for The Swaggernauts, and bringing out the t-shirts for the characters as well as prints and other cool stuff related to the Swaggernauts to help spread the word about the web comic.

I will be doing sketches and taking commissions for the guests there and answering any questions you all may have. I will be in section AA23. So be sure to come and see me in person so that we can meet. And if you love the comic, you can let me know how you feel about it as well! In the meantime everyone, enjoy the new page! See you next week!


Ian W.