As mentioned last week, the Swaggernauts will be taking a break this week. Some great changes are coming and I want to make sure I deliver a quality book to you all. This is going to allow me to catch up and re-establish the much needed buffer. I have had real life get in the way of some things, and this webcomic was one of them. So this break will allow me to get that buffer back up and going, and will allow me to provide you all with more great content in the weeks to come!

Unfortunately, no one sent in artwork for the contest to have as part of the Swaggernauts guest page this week, but that’s okay! There is something that i put together this week for this occasion. Something simple that hasn’t been seen. Black and white!!! Woo hoo! If anyone wants a copy of this lineart, shoot an email or leave a comment w/ your email and I can send u the high res version to mess with.

Anyway, I appreciate  the understanding, and I give you guys a promise that this is not the last you will see of the Swaggernauts! We will be up and running again next week, and ready to go once more! So until then guys, talk with you soon!