Week 6 of the Swaggernauts is here, and we are still going strong! This week, I am introducing the hangout of the Swaggernauts, the Big Bean Coffee Shop as well as a coffee drink that I am curious if it will catch on. You will know what it is once you see it.

I want to take the time again to thank Steven Lisefski again for his amazing colors which get better and better with each page. I would also like to thank those of you that commented last week on the page as well. It was nice to get some comments last week, and trust me, they were heeded! I hope you all will enjoy this weeks page, and again please spread the word and let everyone know!

I want you guys to tweet, text, shout, comment, whatever it is to help spread the word, and also to speak with me about anything to do with the comic. All thoughts are welcome as long as done respectfully! Until then everyone, enjoy this weeks page, and see you later!


Ian W.