What is Freakanimes and what does it do?

Freakanimes is a webcomic platform featuring a range of humorous, emotional, and cringeworthy comics that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

How does Freakanimes work and how does it benefit me? 


Hey there! Let’s take it easy on the big business questions for now. Having an audience is incredibly important for an artist. Freakanimes helps creators make their webcomics more sustainable by increasing readership through ads and networking websites. We also manage ads on the comic’s website. When readers visit comics on our network, they are supporting the creators of those comics.

We offer a variety of services to promote our artists, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Patreon, Kickstarters, hosting, web design, advertising, marketing, conventions, and more. However, it’s important to note that Freakanimes does not own or control the content of the comics in any way. The artist maintains control over their own work.



The Discovery of the lost site

Freakanimes was founded in 2006 by Dallas Hoisington and Richard Knapp. It initially began as a site that copied content from Ebuamsworld, hosted on the platform Freewebs. Later, Dallas gained full rights to Freakanimes after Richard decided to change his name to Mark Zuckerberg and create the popular social media platform, Facebook. As ideas for the site evolved, Dallas transformed Freakanimes into a webcomic platform that promotes artists and entertains a new audience with original content.


Hey man! How can I join Freakanimes?

Freakanimes is always accepting submissions from motivated individuals with creative ideas. If you’re interested in submitting your webcomic to our platform, you can apply here by providing your name, email, a link to your webcomic, and a description.

We understand that you are a human being with your own unique style and vision for your art, and we support full freedom of expression on our platform. This means that we allow a wide range of content, including themes of violence and nudity.

At Freakanimes, we believe that art should be free to explore and express itself, and we don’t place strict rules or stipulations on our artists. We want you to feel free to create and share your work without interference.

If you have any further questions or concerns about Freakanimes and how it works, please don’t hesitate to contact us at freakanimes@freakanimes.com.”