Devil’s Moon:

Devil’s Moon is the story of Hilda, a juvenile 22 year old living a boring loathsome life that’s going no where. The only thing bringing light into her life is the ability to see, and exterminate ghosts. A hobby that she gets serious intimate pleasure out of doing. After the moon turns blood red, the gates of hell open, and the world is flooded with ghosts, Hilda is contracted by the devil to exterminate the ghosts flooding the world, and stop this event known as the “Devil’s Moon”


Chapter 1:

We meet Hilda, a bratty, mean spirited goth girl working at “Music Shack” While putting on her makeup she hears a ghost hiding in the stall behind her. Hilda is a medium, a person born with the ability to see, and hear ghosts. After a long day of training the new store rookie “Medli” Hilda walks outside into the night to find the moon glowing blood red. before being able to process what is happening, Hilda hears the scream of her co-worker and rushes off to help her.