What is Freakanimes and what does it do?

Freakanimes is a webcomic group that has many hilarious comics which will make you laugh, cry, cringe & humiliate yourself from the privacy of your very own home.

How does Freakanimes work and how does it benefit me? 


Woah there, son! Lets slow down with the big business questions, ok? Well let me tell you! Having an audience is the most kawaii thing an artist can have. Freakanimes supports creators in making their webcomic more sustainable by increasing the comic’s readership through ads and networking websites all the while managing ads on the comic’s site by visiting comics on our network, the readers are supporting the creators of those comics.

We promote our artist through services like Facebook, Twitter, google+, Reddit, Patreon, Kickstarters, hosting, web des

ign, advertising, marketing, conventions and a lot more in one big old fat package of opportunities!

Freakanimes does not own or control the comics’ content in any way. The artist of that comic does.


The Discovery of the lost site

Freakanimes was founded back in 2006 by Dallas Hoisington and Richard Knapp. It all started off as a site rip off of Ebuamsworld hosted the on an old internet machine known as freewebs. Later in the years Dallas obtain whole rights to Freakanimes as Richard decided to change his name to Mark Zuckerburg and create popular corporate juggernaut known as facebook. While ideas were brewing. Dallas transformed Freakanimes into a webcomic site that promotes the artist and entertain a new audience that will enjoy new original content on Freakanimes.


Hey man! How can I join Freakanimes?

Well I thought you will never ask! Freakanimes is always accepting submissions.We are looking for people who are motivated and full of crazy ideas! If you happen to be that kind of person, you can apply here! Make sure you put your name, email, link to your webcomic, and a description. Unlike other places that treat you like you’re are a machine and put rules and stipulations on you to a point in time where you need a team of people to update your webcomic every hour. Freakanimes is not like that. We understand that you are a human being, not a human doing. We allow all kinds of content, from violence to nudity, that’s what makes art! All the artist here on Freakanimes have full on freedom of expression. Freedom to do whatever they want with their webcomic.

If you have any more question or concerns about freakanimes and how it works. Please feel free to contact: freakanimes@freakanimes.com